Why Us

Why Us

Here is why we are going to be your next commodity futures brokers:

Futures and Commodities Trading Platform

· Stable Futures Commodities online Trading Our futures commodities trading platforms are stable and you could easily use your trading platform to execute all orders. Whether you trade physical commodities, or direct access index e-minis you will enjoy an easy to use interface that you will learn within minutes of using. Also, you will be consulted on a one-on-one basis to get you familiarized with the trading platform so you could easily trade once you use real money.

· Technical Trading Support We understand the needs of the trader. Taking technical support seriously is essential. We strive to address all technical questions and enquiries as promptly as possible, and so if you should ever encounter any technical difficulty in order execution, an assigned broker who will execute your order at no additional cost is only one phone call away.

· Customization and Diversification From gold to e-mini’s, we offer a wide variety of trading platforms, enabling you to choose the most appropriate arena to suit your commodity futures trading objectives. Let professionals help determine the ideal platform for you.

Account Administration

· Discount Commissions & Service Value Our commission rates are among the lowest in the futures commodities. There are no hidden costs or fees. If you are currently trading with a different broker, please give us a call at Toll Free 1 800-771-6748 for consultation. It is most likely that we will offer you lower commissions and a internet-based trading platform.

· Professional Trade Desk Away from your computer at the moment? No problem. If it so happens you are away from your terminal, contact your assigned broker or our professional trade desks to execute an order via telephone at no additional charge.

· Our View on Risk Management As knowledge is power! So is the access and availability of information. Access your account information through our website at anytime, whether at work, from the convenience of your own home, or on travel: utilize availability. View your balance, open positions, margin excess, and more! With your personal equity run at your fingertips, our trading platforms display your positions as the futures commodities markets fluctuate, in real time marks-to-market.

Trader’s Benefits

· Research How many commodity futures broker do you know who ensure consistent provision of top rated research? Probably not many! We are pleased to distribute the latest technical and theoretical information on your particular areas of interest, free of charge to all our clients. You will also automatically receive daily trading recommendations to further help in shaping your strategies from our FCM’s top in-house commodity trading advisor. Also available from our top advisor is guidance in using sophisticated trading systems to make complex methods such as tour trading simple to implement and operate.

· Exchange Traded Margins We strongly believe that flexibility is key to success in this industry. Recognizing the high degree of diversity among futures traders and their objectives, we charge exchange-traded margins on all commodities. When it comes to short term trading, we are geared to promote flexibility and individuality on all levels. For day traders considering trading futures commodities with us, this principle of flexibility both enables various opportunities and guides new approaches.

· First Rate Assistance and Counsel Futures markets look forward, and as such are in a state of constant evolution and progression. As a trader in these exciting and dynamic markets, you will identify various opportunities; have different ideas, and subsequent questions regarding your investments. Given the forthcoming and changing direction of the futures markets, we consider all ideas and concerns to be valid. Be assured that we will answer all your questions and address all your interests in a serious, professional and courteous manner, whether your concerns are immediate or reflective.

Bottom line: genuine, personal assistance and counsel to take your investment choices seriously.

Is there a feature that we did not feature here however it is important for you as an investor? Please get in touch with us via email and tell us how could we earn your business itrade@1st-online-commodity-trading.com.

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