Vision Express

Vision Express

Futures Commodity Trading Via V-Express

V-Express is a very versatile trading system that provides direct access to pit open-outcry markets and electronic markets on the different exchanges. Some of the main features include:

Easy order placement with automated drop down menus
Customized live quotes screen tracking the markets you trade only
Instant Fills page
Position Page specifying Live Profit/Loss for every position as the price value changes
Futures spreads and Options spreads
Funds page indicating Open Trade Equity, Net Liquidity and purchasing power
Trades all US markets, LIFFE, DAX, Matif, IPE, Eurex, WCE and ME
Suitable for: Beginners and experienced traders

Computer connection required: Dial-up and higher

Type of trader: Intraday, medium and long term

Other displays modes:

The display grid shows all working orders, cancels, modifications (cancel/ replaces) and fills. The “Working Only” toggle button allows switching between “Show All” view mode and “Show Working Only” view mode. The “Show All” mode displays all account activity, including working orders, cancels, modifications and fills. The “Show Working Only” view mode will show only the unfilled working orders for the account. Castle Finance

Customize your Order Entry screen symbol list by selecting products using the “Commodity” pull-down box at the bottom of the screen. Select a commodity from the list, press the “Add Commodity” button, and it will be added to your customized symbol list. Customization will apply only to the symbol lists on the Order Entry screen.

The fills screen displays fills for the current business day. You can receive a real-time valuation of each fill by clicking the “Refresh” button located at the bottom of the screen. The most important elements in the display grid are the fill quantity, price and “PnL” (purchase and loss), which are driven by real-time quotes.

Vision Express is a real-time trading application that allows traders to use the internet to access their trading accounts to place and maintain orders, obtain status on working orders, check balances, view positions, check for filled trades and retrieve quotes. Express 6.2 offers some familiar highlights along with some new features, including

  • Access to all accounts based on User ID
  • Filter book available for working, cancelled & filled orders
  • Ability to print working & filled orders to paper
  • Right click on filled order in ‘All Activity’ window to retrieve order information such as: broker receive time, pit-in, opposite broke, pit out details.
  • Order & Fill History
  • Group & Parked orders available
  • Rolodex Information – Account, name, address, phone number, etc.
  • Real time Accounts & Balances window complete with name & account number
  • Sort data by right clicking the heading of various windows
  • Right click on the ‘Fills & Position’ page to reverse or off set a position
  • Market Depth & Streaming Quotes with order entry available
  • Customizable colors & Price Watch – receive notification when a price trades at a specific level.
  • Easy to install – self-extracting installation utility downloadable over the Internet
  • Supports markets on all major exchanges, including open out-cry & electronic markets.
  • Shows open positions uploaded from back office system & provides real time P&L
  • Daily & historical statements available
  • Embedded web browser
  • Symbol look up, contract information & data sorting
  • Savable Screen layouts
  • Real -Time Interactive Java Charts, Free Charts & Dow Jones News